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We Buy Your Junk!

Broken down car? No title? No problem. SMB Auto Wrecking is here to help. We at SMB Auto Wrecking can take your dilapidated vehicle off your hands, and get cash in your hand the same day. Since 1980, we have been buying vehicles and selling parts, so we know the industry well, and are prepared to offer you a fair price for your vehicle.


Multiple Vehicle Salvaging

Cars are just the tip of the iceberg. We also provide salvaging services for other types of vehicles, including: planes, trucks, semis, boats, and tractors. Come to us for all your vehicle scrapping needs – anytime is a great time to take your old vehicles off your hand and clear up space in your garage, hangar, or backyard.


Fair Price, Guaranteed

Our team goes to great lengths to ensure that you are given a fair deal for your car. It is our goal in each and every transaction to leave our customers completely satisfied with our service. Regardless of the condition of the vehicle in question, we are prepared to set a price that meets your expectations.


Car Parts For Sale

In addition to the buying side of our company, we are also in the business of selling parts. Perhaps you find yourself with a car or truck that isn’t quite working right. Rather than scrap it completely, a new infusion of parts can overhaul the vehicle and put it back in working order!

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Any Condition, No Matter What

The unfortunate reality of our cars and other vehicles is that they eventually break down, regardless of how much we do to maintain them. All of the precautions we take and safety we use on cars, trucks, semis, and tractors comes to a screeching halt when the machinery breaks down. That is where we come in. Whether we are helping older vehicles breathe new life by infusing them with new parts, or buying decrepit vehicles to scrap them – we are entrenched in the business of junk vehicles.

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One Man’s Trash…

When most people see a broken down clunker of a car, they don’t think much of it. Here at SMB Auto Wrecking, we have a very different perspective. When we see a car that has seen better days, we see opportunity. We see the chance to take something that is yesterday’s news, and turn it into tomorrow’s future. Our professionals are prepared to put their time-honored skills to the test and salvage everything and anything possible. Give us a call today to rid yourself of a car that is past its prime – we would be happy to pay you a fair price.

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